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prod.kr/yt    (@prodzpod)

prod.kr/vod (@prodzvod)

Gizmos Explanation (!help)

The Screen (!redeem)


prodzpod was first manufactured as an executable "desktop companion" software for Windows 2000.

This instance of prodzpod in specific is installed in a discontinued middle school computer.

Software going "alive" is nothing new, especially for a malware that already had elevated priviledge and access to internet long before any of this madness. This thing must be stressing the hell out of that poor PC.

Being originated from a toy program, its nature hasn't changed too much. In fact, it's still primitive enough to show self-exclusive behaviours, opting to rename each instances themselves to "avoid conflict". most common variants are ones with its third letter changed.

an Online Entity Wiki entry of prodzpod exists, which classifies it as "weakly mutable" and "mostly harmless". due to its mutability, local downloads are still tracked.

ok but who are you actually

prod is a zoomer creature that claims to be a game designer.

prodzpod goes online every Thursday 20:00 GMT and Monday 20:00 GMT.

I love making things. we make things in this household.

This can be a program, we could work on a video game, make music, edit videos... it can really be Anything. we make Anything.

Despite the look of this website, prod is insanely silly and online. you might even say they're wired. wired to the gills some may say. yes indeed. indeed.

In addition to whatever we're making and whatever we're talking about, we have a custom redeem system and an unhinged stream setup that allows you to become a mouse pointer on the screen, click on things, drag stuff around, all kinds of stuff.

If you feel wired being in the stream as well, consider joining the discord. it is directly linked to twitch chat and back, you get a neat notification that isnt barely noticable twitch ones, and we hang out together right talk about stuff actually maybe i shouldve lead with that thats like the best thing about discord we chat around we act like normal person to each other ykn

im using /shoutout through HTTP rn

the progenitors

it is obvious which part of my existence came from which

i thank them a lot

actually forced me to go live



You're not supposed to see this unless you have nojs lol hello nojser

These are footnotes to underlined texts


You have Stopped Seeing, and Started Looking. You feel zooted...

Going "shimeji tuber" style

its insanely fucked up how people call this virtual pets too now i feel like i extra copied my progenitor lol what the hell (this was a natural conclusion from the windows 2000 layout the layout came first guys trust no plaigiarism here please dont kill)

I do this OOC actually

I like to define "eras" of my life by my main project at the time and the state of mind i was at. It's actually quite personal but in a way that nobody can really guess the reason based off a single letter change.

currently I'm like at my... 8th? sure. 8th major season. honestly i lost track, but it goes something like przd, prnd, prxd, prcd, prqd, prkd and so on. I usually refer to them as "[letter] season". If you couldn't tell, we're on that v season now.

Are you an adult

yes, im slightly younger than windows xp

What are your pronouns?

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, Intel Core i5 13600K, 32GB RAM, minidsp 1 with EQ copied from stackoverflow, some random webcam i found at my dads garage, 2 1080p monitors

What are your computer specs?


but i came in ur stream and you werent making you were Gaming

Our broadcast is split into 3 parts. part 1 and 3 is making stuff.

Part 2 is a sort of a half time cool-off where I perform above average gaming. most likely this means 2-3 games of tetris.

why are you like this

i minmaxxed autism

this is actually kinda untrue tho im not rly depressed since like last year im very happy n balling

also fuck you for calling my speech abnormal (affectionate)

how do you come up with this

what the hell is this "wit cord" you keep bringing up

The Witness Discord (the sauce for all zootedness)

how do i gain access to the system

the screen is here to help you, if this is still confusing check out the lore that explains all the stream stuff we did so far

what is this setup

check out the setup in GitHub


Yeah sorry im a poser. im a faker. im a filthy web dev that edits Javascript on Visual Studio Code and runs it on Node dot J S and its a fucked up world. i am sorry. i wont activate windows tho

this means you can also "join discord" through irc

just log onto twitch irc and channel #prodzpod lol

also why does the discord not have sub role / emoji


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